Starting a Drama Club


Morgan Hamer

Have you been thinking that you want to be in a play or musical at Belfast? I think starting a drama club would be a great experience for students 8-12.

This club will help students participate in choosing what kind of performance that they would like to do. The director would have to approve the play, and students would still have to audition. Having a club will be a lot of fun for students, and I actually think starting a drama club would draw more students into the drama program and bring more actors to the plays and musicals.

Another function of this club would be to do fund raisers like a bake sale or a pop can drive to buy better costumes and props and maybe better sets. In addition, it will bring an increase of students who want to join the club and be on stage performing and telling other students how much fun it actually is and could result in even more students who would like to join.

Additional extracurricular activities would be very beneficial to students who love being in plays and musicals or for the students who don’t play sports: this would help them make new friends and help them get to know each other better as classmates. I’ve already talked to some students who already participate in plays and musicals and they think a Drama Club would be a great idea. Belfast already does Odyssey of the Mind, where students in grade school get to compete with different schools with a play that they write from scratch.  They then get to perform in front of judges and if they win first place, the kids to perform again in a different state. This year’s group placed second!

I hope that this club gets approved. We need more students to join the music and drama program because we are already getting low in numbers this year.   We are losing some great actors and hopefully we have more coming in again soon.  CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING DRAMA CLUB NEXT YEAR!