Abortion Should be Legal

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Abortion Should be Legal

Rylea Comstock

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In the U.S abortion has been an ongoing debate.  People who support “pro-life” believe that women shouldn’t have the ability to abort a human life, since they consider it to be murder. Then there are people who support “pro-choice,” who believe that women carrying the fetus should be given the choice to carry or abort it.  Lastly is the “grey area,” where people believe to a certain extent that abortion is right (University of California).  To an extent, abortion should be legal, considering the well-being of the woman and the baby’s future.

Among those people in the “grey area,” I am one.  If a women gets raped or incest occurs, then the baby would be a constant reminder of that experience and she should be able to terminate the pregnancy.  Being too young and getting pregnant happen quite often, which doesn’t help that they aren’t financially stable and don’t have a plan, and in a lot of cases the man leaves because he isn’t ready for a baby.  The women might also not be mentally stable, and it would be very hard to raise a child while dealing with your own problems. Lastly, a women should have a right to do what she wants to her body, even if others don’t like it.  Others that have a similar view on abortion as me is the believers of “pro-choice.”  In their eyes, a child should be wanted, cared for, and loved.  A fetus is not considered a human yet because it isn’t fully developed, so it wouldn’t be murder.  It’s that women’s body, so she should do what she wants with her body, freely.  When a women goes through a traumatic encounter like rape and ends up getting pregnant, she should be able to get an abortion so she doesn’t have to care for a baby that makes her think about that traumatizing event (University of California). It isn’t her fault for a person doing that to her.  When it comes to the other option of taking the child to a foster home, there is a limited amount of children that they can take in (University of California).  The people that believe in pro-choice just want the best conditions for the children and want them to live good lives instead of being put in foster homes for a majority of their life.  If women don’t have the choice of legal, safe abortion, then they will continue to find other options that could be less healthy for the woman (University of California).  To make it for women to rethink abortion, there are some options before anything happens.  There are sexuality classes that discuss abstinence and birth control options.  The increasing access to emergency contraception would be helpful for a pregnancy scare, and lastly, programs that focus on domestic violence and sexual abuse can make women more aware of what could happen (Saperstein).

Those who oppose my opinion are the people who believe in “pro-life.” They believe that the women should deal with the consequences of getting pregnant and that it’s her responsibility.  In their case, abortion is murder and should be considered illegal. All babies that are reproduced have potential in the world, even if they weren’t planned and the parent situation is poor.  This doesn’t make sense to me to have a baby born into bad conditions.  Another reason why some people think abortion is wrong is because in some religions, abortion is known as a sin (University of California).

Abortion is such a vast subject: you can believe in pro-life, pro-choice, or the “grey area.”  It depends on what you think is right when considering the life of an unborn child and the future of that child.  Not everyone will have the same belief as you.  To an extent, abortion, should be legal, considering the wellbeing of the woman and the baby’s future.   


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