Vaping and E-Cigs or Cigarettes?

Austin Gustason

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Cigarettes are one of the leading causes of cancer and death in the United States. About one in five deaths are caused by cigarettes.(Google). E-cigs and vapes are on the rise and are pushing regular cigarettes out of business. E-cigs and vapes allow people to inhale nicotine and not the bad chemicals like lead, arsenic, and ammonia. So in a way smoking, them is healthier than regular cigarettes, but it is still bad for you. Vapes and e-cigs should help you stop smoking if you use them in the correct manner and not for recreational use.

Some people say that vaping is more fun than regular cigarettes and so when companies find this out they are going to make vaping more expensive. California is starting to tax vapes, which is making it more expensive than smoking regular cigarettes. A vape or vaporizer is a product that is in the shape of an actual cigarette. These devices vaporize products that are put into them to be able to smoke. There are a variety of things you can put into these, as in different flavors and drugs like marijuana. A  few mixtures that can be used are called propylene glycol, glycerin, and nicotine, the active ingredients in the mixture. Straight bore, venturi, or sequential venturi are the three ways the pipes can be formed on the vape. These can be made out of glass or metal (Wikipedia). When you see teens smoking vapes, most of the time it’s not because of the addiction: teens think it’s fun to do and they like the taste. Teens today would rather smoke vapes than actual cigarettes because of the taste and some say they get more pleasure out of it(CNN). I feel like this is an better thing because vaping is a lot healthier but also still isn’t healthy.

Cigarettes have a lot of harmful chemicals in them that can do some damage to the body. E-Cigs are almost the same thing as a regular cigarettes but they don’t have all the harmful chemicals in them,  except for nicotine. Some other harmful chemicals in cigarettes include hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, lead, arsenic, ammonia, and some radioactive elements such as uranium(Google). These products don’t blow out as much vapor as vapes do, so they are equivalent to the cigarette. E-Cigs can be just as addictive as a regular cigarette would be because of the harmful chemical nicotine.

A problem with e-cigs is that they tend to blow up when heated up a lot. So if they are stored in a pocket or somewhere compact, be cautious about it blowing up. These products also heat up the liquid inside of them like the vape but don’t release as much vapor as a vape does.  The chemical benzene  is used in crude oil and is used in most pesticides so you can see how much it kills your body. Benzene has an effect on the bone marrow and can cause red blood cells to go down(Google).

Vapes and e-cigs aren’t as dangerous as cigarettes but are still not good for you. However,these products are usually for people who are trying to stop smoking because they can lower the nicotine levels in the liquids. Vapes and e-cigs should not be for recreational use but for people trying to quit smoking. I believe that smoking these products would have a better result than smoking cigarettes, but still, neither of these products should be smoked.


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