Outdoor Classroom Completed


Samantha Burgio

Many have seen BCS’s new Outdoor Classroom built by Gage Lincoln. It’s a really neat structure that asks for explanation. If you haven’t yet checked it out, you should!  It is located in front of the south end of the school building.

Gage built the structure as his Eagle Scout project. An Eagle Scout is the highest rank in Boy Scouts, and he planned on achieving his rank by building the unique structure. Currently, he is a Life Scout.

Gage has received multiple donations from townspeople as well as a few from local companies. Gage says that he has always done well at following directions given by his Grandfather, which made this project worthwhile as they were able to work together.  As an Eagle Scout, Gage is expected to lead students. For this project, he was setting an example for students in the future.

The Belfast Legion,Angelica Boy Scouts, and Mr. Jacob Cole helped Gage with this project. BCS staff members including Mr. Dedrick, Ms. Preston, Mrs. Calanni, and Mr. Schneider also advised and aided Gage in the process.This may come as a surprise, but Gage has counted 213 hours spent on the Outdoor Classroom!

In the future, Gage plans on enlisting in the USN as an NF. Best of luck, Gage, and great work on the outdoor classroom. We all appreciate your hard work