Hatching Chicks


Erin Cole

During College Biology, we did a lab that taught us about mitosis in chick embryos, and we even got to see an embryo and a chick heart beating when we cracked open a fertilized egg. Myself and a few other students had the idea to see if we could hatch a few embryos. Mr. Hazelton gave us permission, but we would have to turn the eggs ourselves daily for two weeks. Tyler West and I came in and turned them every day. The week they were supposed to hatch, we had to stop and started patiently waiting. A few days later one chick hatched, and we named him Wilson. The days following, no other chicks hatched and we were a loss; we thought they had died. The following Monday and Tuesday, four more chicks had hatched. Altogether, there are five chicks named Wilson, Chuck, Nemo, DB, and Wilson. I had the honor of taking the chicks home. With the help of my grandpa, they have a pretty good home. Chicks are pretty easy to take care of: you have to feed and water them once a day. I’m very happy I had to opportunity to hatch and take care of chicks.