Camp Duffield


Sarah Marsh, Hannah Arnold

On May 31st, the fifth graders went on their annual trip to Camp Duffield. The experience of outdoor education made for a  fun-filled three days. Eight seniors had the experience of going as counselors and enjoyed the outdoors with the kids. Those seniors were MacKenzie Hamer, Hannah Arnold, Tyler West, Sarah Marsh, Tim Merriam, Reece Wallace, Christian Babbitt and Gage Lincoln. We took part in activities like geocaching, birdhouse making, hobo stoves, fly fishing, and canoeing. Nightly bonfires and movies were always a great way to end a busy day.

The seniors enjoyed taking on adult roles as counselors and taking care of the kids. We were able to craft and go canoeing as well. On Thursday night, the fifth grade parents and families came to visit the camp and also see the experience. The parents were very pleased with the wonderful Beef on Weck dinner put on by Tim Merriam, Sarah Marsh, and Lori Wilson, our awesome kitchen crew.

The kids definitely tried to be on their best behavior, but sometimes you just have to have fun and bend the rules sometimes. The counselors and kids both had fun at Camp Duffield. Thanks to Mr. Hazelton, Mrs. Sandy Miller, Mrs. Borden, Mr. Harrington. Mrs. Roeske and Mr. Sullivan for helping all of the counselors keep track and guide the kids. It’s been real!