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I drove at full speed

There were signs I wouldn’t read

Warnings I refused to heed

I knew what road I was on

The path I was going down

Never knew what was at the end of it

You were my G.P.S.

Telling me where to go

What to do, who to be

I completely trusted you

Put my faith in your directions

Ignored every doubt

Disregarded all suspicions

You just seemed so right

So true in your words

Just kept listening to you

Until something went wrong

The unexpected happened

I stumbled upon a dead end

A dead zone

And I looked to you for guidance

That’s what you were there for

What friends are for

But you suddenly stopped responding

Abandoned me when I needed you most

Left me high and dry to guide others

People you once said were obstacles

Existing only to throw us off track

Stranded with nothing but my thoughts:

I thought you were my friend

I thought you’d be there for me

I thought the feeling was mutual

I thought you had all the answers

I thought you had good intentions

But now that I actually think about it

You deceived me

Lied to me

Used me

Misled me

Set me up for failure

And look where my blindness got me


I’m in the middle of nowhere

All alone because I shunned everyone

So they wouldn’t get in the way

And jeopardize what I thought we had

It was good while it lasted

But now that it’s over

Now that I’ve reached the end of the road

My thumb is up

Hoping someone will come along

And pick me up

And take me home

Where I belong

While I’m there I won’t forget

I’ll pray and pray

That the tables turn

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