Mrs. Morey: New Special Education Teacher


Samantha Burgio

One of this year’s new staff members is Amy Morey, a new Special Education teacher. She has had previous teaching experiences near the Belfast area and is quite excited to join the Belfast Community.

Mrs. Morey grew up in Elma, NY  and graduated from Medaille College after high school with a B.S. in Business. She then attended Houghton College in 2009 and graduated with a dual degree to become an elementary teacher. She has been married for fifteen years to her husband Dale and has two children here at Belfast — Autumn and Luke.

Previously, Mrs. Morey held a job in banking and mortgaging, as well as a co-owned cleaning business. As for past teaching experiences, she has worked at Belfast, Wellsville, Boardmanville, and Pioneer Central School Districts in both elementary and middle school settings. An interesting fact is that Mrs. Morey completed her student teaching here at Belfast in Mrs. Borden’s class.

In her free time, Mrs. Morey enjoys hiking, walking, watching movies with her family, and being an active member of her church.

I asked Mrs. Morey what she particularly enjoys about teaching, and she said spending time with kids. “Every child is so different and special in their own way, and it is wonderful to get to know all about that individual,” she said. She also adds how rewarding it is to see the progress a student has made, and how she can be the one to help them achieve their goals. Students need to have confidence, and that is exactly what Mrs. Morey wishes to give them. She desires for every student to hear the message that hard work does pay off, and to believe in the power of “yet.” She is delighted to share what she has learned from her previous experiences and the tools and programs that BOCES had provided her to fit her students’ learning needs.

Mrs. Morey cannot wait to show her dedication as all other teachers at Belfast do already. She adds that her goal is to show every student that they deserve the same opportunities as the next. We wish Mrs. Morey the best here at Belfast!