Girls Soccer Roundup


Morgan Hamer

When this season started, I was shocked that half the team was freshman, sophomores, and eighth graders. We have thirteen girls in total: seniors Morgan Hamer, Megan Rose, and Sydney Ace, juniors Kayleigh Blocho and MacKenzie Hurd, sophomores Hanah Helms and Junie Shaw, Freshmen Cierra Wallace, Emma Sullivan, Shannon Durrigan, and Kelsi Morton and eighth graders Alicia Borden and Jaiden Enders.

We can say that we finished the season with every one surviving. We were a very young team this year, and a lot of hard work was put into every game and practice. Even though we didn’t have a great record, we did make many memories that will never be forgotten.

The two games that we won were both against Scio: the first game was 1-0 with Cierra Wallace with the goal and then the second game 3-0 with goals from Hanah Helms, Morgan Hamer, and Megan Rose. We kept in some games against teams that are way bigger, older, and more experienced than us; schools such as Whitesville, Jasper Troupsburg, Andover, and Cuba Rushford. We just need to work on passing a little better, seeing our chances, and finishing. Hopefully, by the time the current freshman are seniors, the Belfast girls varsity team will be rebuilt, strong and powerful.

I love this team very much and getting to know these girls better was really fun to do because they’re all unique in their very own way. Many memories were created and a lot of laughs were shared. Just because we don’t have the best record doesn’t mean that these girls didn’t try: we just have a lot more learning to do still. I’m so sad that it is my last season this year and I would like to thank the girls who could put a smile on my face and could make me laugh and deal with my temper tantrums. I wish luck to all the girls next year, and I’d like them to remember that as long as you put and leave 100% on the field, getting beat doesn’t matter.