Lily Mahon

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Volleyball season has come to a close for the Belfast-Friendship Beagles. This was a challenging season with two wins overall. We also had an extremely young team with one eighth grader, one freshman, three sophomores, and three juniors.

With only two wins, it was extremely difficult to keep a positive attitude, but somehow we managed to keep our heads held high. It was such an amazing feeling to be able to walk into such a positive environment every practice and game. From day one, we weren’t just a team, we were a family. I am so glad they welcomed me to the team with open arms.

One person who helped all of the us get through the season was Stephen Struckmann. Stephen was always the loudest in the crowd. Jayden Golden says her favorite memory from this season was when Stephen charmed the crowd with his amazing voice when he sang the national anthem.

There is one more regular season game tonight at 5:30 against Cuba-Rushford, and a playoff game sometime next week.  I am so excited for next season to begin with Coach Ross and Coach Kayla.