Grow Thicker Skin???

Julia Lindo

One issue that I have heard discussed on numerous occasions is that people are overly offended by something as simple as, for example, being called “stupid.” In addition to this, many think that these people need to “grow thicker skin” and to simply not take it to heart. However, I strongly disagree. This is because we should not be so quick to jump to conclusions. We do not know the victim’s life. That one word that is so easy to say could be the match thrown into a bunch of dead leaves. That one word could be repeated to them daily by other people, at or outside of school, and after hearing it enough, they’ll believe it. They’ll take it to heart. In their eyes, you sound just like others who use these words against them and therefore, you are viewed as a bully.

“Grow thicker skin.” This phrase is said by people who want to justify being mean. Let me ask you this: how can someone grow thicker skin if they have already been beaten down before they had the chance to grow? Spoiler alert; they obviously can’t! That quote is only applicable to the quoter’s own situation. It is therefore impossible to apply that very same quote to every situation, because every situation is different.

In conclusion, do unto others as you’d like done to you. Remember that there will be a day where you’ll need a kind word. I can guarantee it. If you think that you need to say a mean word, ask yourself, “why shouldn’t I be kind?” It take more energy to come up with the next insult than it does to say one kind word.