Veteran’s Day Poems


Your Body

Your feet have walked on the grounds

of the jungle

the deserts

and on the roads of cities around the world.


Your hands have done things

that no common man would imagine.


Your shoulders have taken

the impact of rifles.


You have developed bonds

with your soldiers to left and right

that no one in the world could replicate.


Your body has taken a beating

from the hardships of war.


Your mind has taken the burden

of all of the unimaginable stress.


And for that, we thank you for your service.

-Nathaniel Hurd


The Memory


You pulled the trigger

The bullet traveled across the air in a matter of seconds

It pierced through the flesh of another

Another human

Another soul

Another body

After it went through the flesh, it went to the heart

Stopping the heartbeat,

And the man, or woman, that once stood before you


And was lifeless on the floor


This sticks with you

It becomes a memory

A memory that haunts you

A memory that stays in your mind and brings

Guilt and condemnation on your conscience

You wish that you’d never pulled that trigger

The trigger that released a bullet that took another man’s life


But never fear.

The millions you saved are still here

To remind you that you gave us another day

Another day to live, breathe, feel joy, see our families.

You gave us something else that no one could: freedom


So for that memory

That malignant memory

And that day you pulled the trigger,

We will forever honor you because of that day

That day you took someone’s breath away

Because it wasn’t for hate

It was for love of the people of your country

And we pass that love to you through this poem

In hope that you realize that your service was not in vain.

It is something that we will cherish forever.

-Julia Lindo


Ready To Die


They stuff their bags with ammo and grenades

Clutch their guns like loved ones

Wipe the sweat from their foreheads

And trudge through thick mud

Blending in and getting stuck in it

On their way to meet death

There will be no handshakes nor hellos

Just bullets, blood, and goodbyes

They’re taking their time, no rush

Letting the mud swallow their legs

They’re ready to die, but not ready for the pain

No last words, just screams and cries

Hoping to leave quickly and painlessly

Praying to not even die at all

But if their prayers are answered

If they make it out of there alive

It won’t matter much later

They’ll find it hard to live with the memories

Of the war they regret signing up for

They’ll wish they had met death with open arms

Memories are more painful than bullets

They were ready to die, but not ready for the pain

-Gabby Lindo


Spirit of Love


He laid down his life on the cross

They laid down their lives in the war

Different approaches, same intentions

To make the world a better place

Sacrifice was the most effective way

Though neither live to see another day

They died knowing a spirit would stay

A spirit of love

They left behind something to do

They expect us to do it willingly, genuinely

It’s the least we can do for them

From heaven, they’ll watch the spirit soar

Into each heart, from one to another

And we’ll all somehow start loving each other

Every stranger will become your sister and brother

The spirit of love will fill the air

Go here, there, and everywhere

We’ll breathe it in and let it out through words

“I love you” will roll off every tongue

Enter every ear, drift from the mind

Sink deep to the soul, where it can’t leave

Once it reaches the soul, the body will act

Acts of love will not be imagined

It’ll be real, you’ll feel it everyday

And that feeling will be here to stay

Because they gave their lives away

-Gabby Lindo


No One Knows

Victorious you leave battle.

Excited to come home.

The pain can now leave,

Everyone is now safe

Rejected by some, you tell stories.

A respect for old glory

No one knows where you’ve been

-Dominik Becker