Giving Thanks


Gabriel Lindo

Students in grades ten through twelve reported what they were thankful for this year. Responses varied, including: family, friends, pets, food, sleep, belongings, education, sports, hunting season, dinner with no empty seats, and the soldiers who serve our country.

Roseanna Lanning said, “I am thankful for having a strong supportive bond with my family and friends.”

Carter Guilford said, “I am thankful for sharing a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with my family.”

Johnathan West is thankful for “all the men and women who serve and cannot be home for Thanksgiving.”

Danielle Cassady said, “I’m thankful for hunting season, family, and friends.”

Hanah Helms said, “I’m thankful for having all my family members together and being able to communicate and eat dinner with them.”

Collin Davis is thankful for “Family, friends, deer to eat, and turkeys to fry.”

Charlotte Winchell said, “I’m thankful for my little furry friends.”

Eli Broshar and Ayden Wilson are thankful for sports.

Rachel Marsh is thankful for her education and Dominik Becker is thankful for sleep, a good night’s rest.

I could go on listing what my peers are thankful for, but instead, I’d like to share what I’m thankful for this year. I am thankful for the roof over my head, the clothes on my back, the company of my large family, the loyalty of my friends, and good health. All of these things made this year go by smoothly, and fast. I wish I could relive this year because it’s  my last year as a kid. Next year will be different, that’s for sure. Next Thanksgiving, I’ll be thankful for my childhood and all the memories I’ve collected over the years. I hope everyone has a fun, fulfilling Thanksgiving!