Students Tour New Era Field, Learn About Sports Management


On Wednesday, Dec. 6, students from  Belfast, Fillmore, Bolivar-Richburg, and Franklinville  took a Sports Management field trip to New Era Field, home of  the Buffalo Bills.  This was intended for students to look at a career they might want to pursue in sports management, finance, scouting, and medicine.  Adam Enders, Austin Gustason, MacKenzie Hurd, and Kevin McCumiskey were four of the BCS students who attended, and they answered a few questions about the experience.  

What did you see, do, and learn about on the field trip?

MacKenzie:  We got a private tour of the whole stadium. We got to see every part that makes it function. We even went in the locker rooms and went on the field. We then had lunch at one of the private rooms and talked to a head person in the financial part of the office and a head scout for the team. We learned about all the different jobs a place like that offers and what was required to be looked at to work there.

Austin:  I learned about all the different opportunities and paths you can take in the field of sports management, from being the owner of a sports team to being the head scout. We got to see all kinds of stuff that we never even knew was there we also learned about why certain things were in certain places like the black fence around the entire stadium obviously it’s there for security reasons but I never knew that every stadium has that style of fence and it has to be a certain distance from the stadium and a certain height.

What did you like about the experience?  

MacKenzie: I loved seeing the stadium, even though I personally don’t watch football. Seeing the job opportunities that the business offers was eye opening.

Adam: Getting to see all of the different types of jobs that make the business function. A lot of the time, you only think of the games on Sunday, but to get ready for the games, much more is happening behind the scenes.

Kevin: Having the opportunity to go into the Bills locker room was awesome. There are so many different jobs that make a sports team successful, and many people think it is just the players.

Austin: I liked being able to see where all the “behind the scenes” stuff takes place like the media room and locker room. I also found it interesting how there are many paths you can take in the field of sports management. It was also nice seeing where all the rich people sit, like the box seats.