Students Trained in Sources of Strength

Danielle Cassady and Cassandra Hadaway

When you hear “Sources of Strength,” what questions do you ask yourself? Sources of Strength is a youth suicide prevention program designed to utilize the power of peer to peer social networks. The goal of Sources of Strength is to prevent suicide and harmful choices by increasing help seeking behaviors. The program is funded through a grant awarded to our district with the help of Senator Cathy Young.  We recently had this training at our school and selected students participated in it. We were lucky enough to be selected. The reason we joined was because we learned what the goals were and realized that we wanted to help them achieve these goals.

At the training, we enjoyed playing games, interacting with one another, and most of all, contemplating activities our school could do to support Sources of Strength. We had many brainstorming activities in which we split up into groups to learn about one another and individual Sources of Strength

In the future we would like to incorporate more students to participate in this chain reaction of healthy choices that will lead to a positive future for every student.