Kevin McCumiskey

Kevin McCumiskey

Hunter Lincoln

Imagine living in a family of thirty people who are close, and you are the second youngest. My family obviously doesn’t define me. I mean, I am your average teenager: stressed about school, sports, and pretty much that. In fact, probably the thing that bothers me the most would be that I am lazy and that I don’t have any will to do anything. Yea, it’s pretty rare to hear a teenager to admit that. I mean, I hate homework too.

Luckily, I don’t have the stress of having a girlfriend or boyfriend, but I don’t know who I would choose to date.

My mother is who I look up to in life. She is usually always right and always knows what to do in any situation. But if there was one person I would want to be in life, it would be the rapper Drake, mainly because he’s got money and Rihanna. I do have a short temper, but in the end, I am a nice guy to be around.

-The American Teenager Project was inspired by a book and online nationwide project by photographer Robin Bowman and educator Julia Hollinger that collects interviews with adolescents in order to respectfully share their stories and build community.  BCS students in grades 10-12 recorded interviews with one another and used those to write profiles of their classmates. We will publish these throughout the school year.