Stephen Struckmann

Stephen Struckmann

Nathaniel Hurd

Everyone calls me Q because it is a lot easier to say than Stephen. My middle name is Quincy.  The biggest thing that has ever happened to me is moving to Belfast from Texas. It affected me a lot because it was a big change moving from the big city of Houston, Texas, to the small town of Belfast.

My family is very run of the mill, very ordinary. There is a mom, a dad, and two kids. I have a very unique relationship with my dad. Whenever he yells at me about how I did something wrong, we make it a conversation on what I need to do to make whatever I did better and how to avoid it next time.

I have a brother, Andrew. He is in college now, so I don’t get to see him a lot, but it’s ok, I guess. Before he went to college, we mainly just kept to ourselves, but sometimes we fought. When we fought, it was just for play though, so nothing too serious.

My favorite subject is either History or Science because I love to learn about the past and how and why things happen in our world. School is very important because it’s not only a great place to learn, but it’s a place to meet new people and learn about a lot of different cultures. In school, you can also meet people who have the same interests as you.

When I get older, I want to be someone who is known for my talent, but isn’t followed around everywhere because of fame. I want to be good and make all of the money, but if people follow me around, then it wouldn’t be worth all of the money because I wouldn’t be able to hang out with friends.

-The American Teenager Project was inspired by a book and online nationwide project by photographer Robin Bowman and educator Julia Hollinger that collects interviews with adolescents in order to respectfully share their stories and build community.  BCS students in grades 10-12 recorded interviews with one another and used those to write profiles of their classmates. We will publish these throughout the school year.