Gage Lincoln


Julia Lindo

Gage Lincoln is a Belfast graduate in the class of 2017. What he misses the most about Belfast is the sports teams that he participated on, mostly basketball with his mentor, Mr. Coach Ron Enders. After graduation, Gage enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He did this because, “there are amazing opportunities available to better myself and my education.” Before Gage could become apart of the Navy, he had to go through boot camp. He persevered and endured the hardships. This hard work paid off and he was glad to have graduated from boot camp. However, he did enjoy the Battlestations event, which is done aboard the USS Treyer, a mock ship built by universal studios to mimic any and every bad scenario. Since BASIC, Gage has been  attending an “A” school to be a Machinist Mate “MM” which is the first of a three schools series to be a nuclear operator. Gage has been working very hard to pursue this career.

Gage’s advice to future graduates is as follows: “Enjoy your time while you still have it, you’ll actually miss those four walls, and also the military is the way to go if you waiver at the thought of college. I miss almost everyone back home a couple times a week, but I enjoy my life for sure.”