Nathaniel Hurd

Nathaniel Hurd

Stephen Struckmann

My biggest passion is hunting. I’ve done it since I was four and I love it. I usually hunt with a bow for deer, but I also use guns. People in school think that I’m all about sports, but my real passion is hunting.

My earliest memory as a child is my dreams. I started having dreams when I was young and I don’t know why, but I usually remembered them. Most of my dreams were about me being chased, whther through my house or through the woods, my “second home.”

My ethnicity is Native American. I’m also part French Canadian. Many of my Ancestors were originally French fur trappers.

I have the most respect for soldiers. They put their life on the line, not because they get paid a lot or they have a good job. I also want to become a soldier in the Marines. In addition to serving my country, my online college will be free. For a career after the military, I want to do work for the Department of Environmental Conservation and go out and make sure that people have their hunting licenses.

-The American Teenager Project was inspired by a book and online nationwide project by photographer Robin Bowman and educator Julia Hollinger that collects interviews with adolescents in order to respectfully share their stories and build community.  BCS students in grades 10-12 recorded interviews with one another and used those to write profiles of their classmates. We will publish these throughout the school year.