Attention Please

Attention Please

Julia Lindo and Gabriel Lindo

Throughout the years, the band has performed and received awards and often goes unnoticed. The band, choir, musicals, and our plays deserve more attention than what is given. For example, the band played for the pep-rally and  two students had solos.  Much effort is put into both sports and the arts, but playing an instrument, doing plays, being in choir, and being in musicals is extremely difficult to master and we have accomplishments as well.

The band and choir is extremely small with some young and some experienced students. We achieve roles in Allstate, but we don’t get a whole pep rally over it. We then are given an awards certificate that says, “Congratulations” and recognition in the school newsletter. Also teachers and students worked extremely hard in The Lion King musical, making costumes, memorizing roles and songs, so maybe this could at least get consideration. Often people don’t know when or what All County is, but I know when sports sectionals are.

All County and State is a special concert where really talented singers and instrumentalist get accepted into and play for a paid concert over the weekend. Some players get so nervous for solo fest and All County because they don’t get the proper amount of support we need. Sports, in my opinion, in this school, is the most important. But why can’t they be equally acknowledged? Some people come to concerts for food, not to actually listen to us.

Band players, Choir, and musical members put a lot of effort in and are excited for solos, but don’t receive the attention they deserve. Solo’s take courage and many people suffer with stage fright, so when they perform the solo, it means something to them. I feel that after a sports game, everyone’s talking about it, but after a concert for band, choir, plays, and musicals, hardly anyone discusses it except for the members.

On the announcements, Mrs. Lingenfelter discusses sports and everyone in my class forces everyone to be quiet. But when I want to hear about my band lesson, it is just so chaotic. Every day, we have rehearsal, and every hour spent practicing for band, choir, and musicals is wasted. I have overhead people discuss band or choir with “What’s the point?” Once, I have even heard a band student say,“I am not even excited about the concert nobody cares about it. They only come for food anyway.” 

I know we get some attention at Memorial day, but what about our other performances? Jazz in Bloom? Musicals? No one solos on Memorial day, but we do in our performances. People should consider just how much the band and choir members care. Those who consider music should understand it’s more than just another subject.  It builds confidence and skills that are valuable in life beyond school.