JV Boys Basketball


Stephen Struckmann

The JV boys basketball team, coached by Mr. Chris Enlow, are 6-6, and they are a very exciting team to watch. They dominate many teams with two big post players, Stephen Struckmann and Carter Guilford. They also have many shooters who can shoot from range to bolster morale and get the crowd going. On the defensive end, they have many defensive specialists who can put ends to hot streaks on many players. This team also boasts many strong young athletes like Colton Gaddy, Christopher Logue, and Caleb Caiazza, who can out run and out jump almost all teams in the county.

After dropping their opener to Fillmore, they had a rough start after a close loss to Whitesville. Losing their first two, the Bulldogs battled back to beat a strong Keshequa team to put their first tally in the win column. Their next game was the semi-final game against rival Friendship in the Scio Christmas tournament. This was the first time the Bulldogs showed their true potential, easily defeated the Eagles, and were final-bound. A tough loss to tournament hosts Scio allowed them to finish in 2nd place for this tournament.

The team them went back to their winning ways while breezing past the Friendship Eagles once again. The young Bulldogs then fell short to Scio, with many missing players due to illness, and after another loss to rival Fillmore, things looked bleak for these young Bulldogs. Then came another win against Friendship, in which nine players put the ball in the net to score. Their next game was once again in a semi-final game, and the Bulldogs lost a heartbreaker in over-time to move down to the 3rd place game against hosts Andover. They regained their confidence after beating Andover by a considerable margin to take home the third place trophy. Their latest game was against Houghton Academy, when once again Stephen Struckmann and Carter Guilford put up a majority of the points.

Captained by Hunter Enders, Caleb Caiazza, and Stephen Struckmann, these young Bulldogs show much promise as they have three games left this season against Houghton, Scio, and Whitesville, respectively. When asked what their game plan was for defeating these three teams, Coach Enlow replied, “We’ll use the same game plan we’ve been using: be big on defense and get rebounds, the shots will fall one way or another.” We hope that you can come and watch these promising young Bulldogs play their final three games!