BCS Taking Precautions

BCS Taking Precautions

Gabriel Lindo

The incident in Parkland, Florida has caused many schools, specifically BCS, to take safety and security measures. Since the tragedy, letters have been sent to all families and staff members regarding safety in the building.

Directions to enter BCS have been posted on every door and lockdown magnets have been ordered for all interior doors. An interior lock system for classrooms and offices is also being issued. As for the exterior doors, the school is considering install glass film for the purpose of slowing down any shooter as it makes the doors bullet resistant.

Staff will also be trained about what to do when there’s an active shooter in the building. Meetings with students have been set up to address safety, security, and their concerns. Meetings with key personnel have also been set up to ensure that everyone knows their roles in the event of an emergency. The staff will be completing an active shooter online course provided by Utica National Insurance and they will attend safety training/meetings in the country.

Safety plans with first responders will be reviewed along with the updated emergency materials. All of these actions are currently being implemented, but more steps will be taken in the future. Students and even staff need to understand that they have to cautious and to report any concerns, which they can do via a phone call to the office, message to the Belfast FB page, or comment through the school website. BCS is a great place for teaching and learning and is safe, but it’s always good to be aware of how to improve safety!