BCS Welcomes New Social Worker

BCS Welcomes New Social Worker

Sarah Lindo

Belfast Central School has welcomed a new staff member this year!  Her contribution to our school is very beneficial to BCS students. Sarah Beck is Belfast’s new Social Worker. At BCS on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, Ms. Beck’s job is to assist students by discussing their struggles, listening to them vent their frustrations, and advising comfort and coping mechanisms. Ms. Beck meets multiple times with students one-on-one and sometimes in groups. In these meetings, Ms. Beck teaches very important social skills, empathy, and encourages positive peer interactions. She also offers advice and a listening ear for the student(s). “I became a social worker because your life is worth my time,” is Ms. Beck’s favorite quote.

Before Ms. Beck came to Belfast, she worked at Olean General Hospital in the Emergency Room, where her job was to evaluate the Patient’s mental status; determining whether the patient met criteria for admission to the behavioral health unit or if they are safe to return to the community with follow up services in place. Her job at the hospital has not stopped! Sarah Beck returns to the hospital two times a month.

Not only does Ms. Beck work at a hospital and Belfast, but she also works at Genesee Valley on Wednesdays & Fridays in 6:1:1 behavioral classrooms.  In contrast to Belfast, instead of focusing on students, she interacts with their parents and many service providers. Meetings occur with them regularly, as it is extremely important for everyone working with the child to be on the same page. The parent of the student can depend on Ms. Beck to help their child reach outside services if necessary (therapist, psychiatry, etc.). “My room is always open to anyone needing a listening ear or anyone needing help getting through difficult circumstances,” says Ms. Beck.

As busy as she is, Ms. Beck still has the time to enjoy her free time by volunteering in the community and spending time with her friends and family. She also enjoys playing with her Golden Retriever Layla and going to the movies with friends or her fiancé. Sarah Beck’s room is in the old band room and her door is always open if you ever want to meet with her. Feel free to say hello and introduce yourself!