Freddie Molecury Wins

Freddie Molecury Wins

Julia Lindo

This year’s annual Mole Project was hosted on March 14 by Mrs. Flanagan. The participants were Sarah Lindo, Elisa Houser, Hailie Mitchell, Ethan Treusdell, Carter Guilford, and Kennedy Male.

Elisa Houser’s mole was a somewhat accurate depiction of rockstar David Bowie: however, to incorporate the word “Mole,” she switched his name to David Molie. She chose this idea because David Bowie happens to be her favorite singer.

Hailie Mitchell’s mole was a creative version of the phrase; “Holy Cow:” however, it was switched to “Moley Cow.”  This was a  humorous and creative project. It’s simple but gets right to the point.

Sarah Lindo’s mole was yet another unique depiction of the 70s British rock-band, Queen. Specifically, the mole was pictured as lead singer, Freddie Mercury. She called it Freddie Molecury. This was a total eye-catcher and an unusual image.

Kennedy Male’s mole was aimed mostly toward the younger crowd, although it may have intrigue a few of the older. It was based on the show Sesame Street. This project included representations of both Cookie Monster and Elmo, two well-known character of the show. This was a very fun and bright idea.

Carter Guiliford’s mole was very creative. It was a representation of the popular drink Coca Cola; however, he called it Coca Mola. This was an imaginative idea that would obviously catch a lot of attention. He incorporated the actual Coca Cola box and a recycled can. Very resourceful!

Finally, Ethan Treusdell’s mole was “Holey Moley.” It was another simple and humorous project. It was unique and the concept was very innovative. This was a very fun and entertaining idea.

All of the projects were well-thought-out and unique in their own ways. However, when it came down to it, the winner was decided by the public during Open House. This year’s winner was Sarah Lindo. Sarah truly went over the top with lights, music, and realistic-looking props.

All participants did a fantastic job. Everyone’s projects were imaginative and they should be very proud. Congratulations Sarah!