Dear Daisy: New Advice Column

Dear Daisy:  New Advice Column

Daisy, Writer

Have you ever just wanted to cry—but no tears seem to want to come out? It just ends up being you staring blankly into space while you feel yourself getting exposed to every motion. Sometimes I like how I cannot get myself to cry; staring blankly in school puts a space between you and what you are feeling. That space ends up being more important to you than you think it would be, but you need to be careful not abuse the break.

We all need breaks once in awhile—no matter who we are. We need to take break when we’re struggling in some way.

Every single person has such different views of school. Something along the lines of: “It’s a living hell.” “This is so dumb.” “How is this even gonna help us for the ‘real world?’” Sound about right? I use to think the same exact thing until I realized what influenced my opinion was something that just didn’t work in my favor.

I actually really enjoy school now. I learned that not everyone will be your friend and not everyone you think is your friend will be there forever. When you’re in school, you should be focusing on yourself, not on what others are doing or what others are thinking. You’ll make it a living hell for yourself if you do that. Try new things. Play all the sports you can. Join clubs. Be you. You’ll find your friends when you’re ready, but enjoy the time you have. School isn’t forever. I’m always ready for a new day, a new adventure — are you?

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