Gaga Ball


Carly Moultrup, Logan Estabrook, Will Guilford, Leon Histed, and Stiven Lopez built the new deck in Mr. Hazelton’s Design and Manufacturing class.

Allyson Hazelton

Last June we got an update to our playground: a Gaga Ball pit. Gaga Ball is like dodgeball except you only get out if the ball hits your knees or below. Also, there is only one ball and you can’t pick it up. You can hit it, though. Instead of being played in a gym, it is played in an octagon shaped structure. The walls come up only to your waist. If you hit the ball out of the pit, you’re out.  

Gaga Ball is a favorite game to play at recess, and recently, a new deck was built under the pit so that when it rains, kids won’t get muddy and track it into the school. This is one plus side of having a deck no over worked janitors to get rid of mud. Devlin Miller, a 6th grader at Belfast, says, “the Ball skids faster than before!” James Hazelton, a 4th grader, also enjoys playing the game. They both like the new deck, made of composite wood, compared to dirt. The Materials Design and Manufacturing class has been building the deck since September 15th and they finished it November 14th

The Gaga Ball pit has been a nice new addition to our playground and is really popular among students!