Art Above: Ceiling Tile Project


Kelsi Morton’s Tile

Isabelle Male

When you’re a senior, the best art project is the senior tile. It’s a rite of passage, or at least that’s what it feels like. You get to leave your mark in a classroom before you head off to college. It’s bittersweet when you place your tile into the ceiling and finally become a senior. A tile marks the end of your high school journey.  

The biggest question everyone has is “why do we have a senior tile?” Ms. Marriott, the high school art teacher, has said “It’s so seniors can leave their mark in the school.” To us seniors, it feels like making our mark and leaving a piece of us behind for future generations to look at. They may not know us personally, but they can get to know us through our tile. It also inspires creativity — looking up at the ceiling and a color or shape can ignite a creative flame in your brain. 

Some of my favorite tiles are the red witch tile with the cute little pumpkins by Jesse Sutterlin and the tile with the budding flowers and the 2008 clouds by Erica Babbitt. I also love the cow and flowers with the quote “We lose ourselves in the things we love, we find ourselves there too,” by Kelsi Morton, a student I played sports with when she was a senior.  

The class of ‘23 is currently working on their tiles. Anna Drozdowski is almost finished with her tile and Stiven Lopez is finishing up the last sketch on his.  Check out the ceiling tiles as the year progresses!