5 Reasons Why You Should be on the Swim Team

Emalee Carman

1. It’s like a big family 

The sportsmanship in swimming is probably the best in any sport. Your entire team cheers for you, and the other cheers as well. Not your best day? There is still encouragement all around. 

2. Makes you push yourself 

Swimming is probably one of the sports that makes your muscles the most sore. You are constantly pushing yourself through the last race to beat that time.  

 3. Conditioning 

Swimming isn’t just a leg or arm sport. It tones almost every muscle in your body, from your feet to your head.  

 4. Build confidence 

Beating your time has to be the most rewarding feeling. It’s not all about beating the other team. If you took one minute to finish your race and the next time you got 55 seconds, it means you improved and that you are doing better. That excitement of improvement makes your confidence all the more better. 

 5. Makes new friends 

Throughout the encouragement all around and practicing every day with new people, eventually you will become friends with your teammates. I have personally made several friends who I talk to in and out of season. 


Merging with Genesee Valley last year also merged the swim team. Before that, Belfast never had swimming available. Anyone interested in signing up next year is welcome! 

Corinn Marriott
Corinn Marriott