8 Popular Electives  


Carley Burrows

The following electives are ranked by number of students enrolled.  Some are available to 7-12, some 9-12.  In a small school, scheduling makes it a challenge to take all the electives a student would like, but BCS is fortunate to offer many interesting elective courses to students ! Here are all electives with ten or more students enrolled this year.

1. The largest elective class that our school offers this year is Choir that is now taught by Mrs. Brennan. Grades seven through twelve have 36 students who participate in the elective.






2. The second largest elective at school is Band with Ms. Willgens. In grades seven through twelve, there are 23 students and 3 students in sixth grade who occasionally join them for certain performances.




3.  The third largest elective is Spanish 2.  There are 15 sophomores taking the class taught by Ms. Creary.






4. The fourth largest elective is Personal Finance Literacy with Mrs. Mages. There are 14 students taking the class, most of whom are in eleventh grade. 






5. The fifth largest elective class this year is Drawing & Painting with Ms. Marriott. There are 13 students in the class, and most are in the tenth grade.  





6. The sixth largest elective this year is publications with Ms. Marriott. In the class, there are 10 students in grades nine through twelve. This class has been around longer than most other electives besides Band and Choir. 





7. The seventh most  popular elective  is Multimedia Writing with Ms. Preston. There are 10 students who take the class. The class is relatively new — it was just started this year.





8. The eighth most popular elective is Broadcast Journalism with Ms. Szwejbka. This class has ten students. Nine of them are in eleventh grade and one of them is in ninth grade. This class was started only about a month ago so it is pretty new still.