My Sources of Strength

My Sources of Strength

Everyone knows that in school it can be hard to get by, especially when everywhere you turn, there’s a test, homework, Regents exam, or even a specific class that brings you down because you simply can’t understand it. And that’s just what I relied a source of strength for, to learn how to overcome the stress of school.

It’s hard when you have that one class where you try and try and try to do well and you just can’t. My class was Earth Science. Even hearing that word today sends shivers down my spine. Earth Science for me was “blah blah blah.” I didn’t understand any of it. Some days I came out of that class with a headache. Every time I blinked, there was a test or a quiz. And after a while, I wanted to throw my hands in the air and say forget it.

But, thankfully I didn’t. I studied all day and all night. And when the Regents came around, I felt like I was ready.  Then the test was in front of me and I opened it on cue. All of the words were jumbled and I began to freak out. But then I stopped. I closed my eyes, counted to ten, and told myself that it was okay, I had this. Then I opened my eyes and the words were words again and my thoughts were re-engaged with Earth Science.

In the end I passed my Regents, but also learned something.  Going through all of that stress improved my mental health, teaching me how to handle stressful situations better and more efficiently. I relied on healthy activities, specifically, studying hard and striving for the grade that I knew I deserved. Do what I did and you’ll pass that one class you couldn’t get by before.

Sources of Strength peer leaders include Sarah Marsh, Morgan Hamer, Danielle Cassady, Brad Hull, Julia Lindo, Ashley Estabrook, Rachel Marsh, Elisa Houser, Kyle Comstock, and Nate Hurd.  If you have any questions about Sources of Strength or how it could help you, please ask a member, go to , or visit the Sources of Strength website.