Why Don’t People Flush?


There have been times I’ve had to use the bathroom, but I just didn’t because the toilet wasn’t flushed. I tend to get easily disgusted. But is it normal to react like this? I get too grossed out to even be the bigger person and flush it for the previous person who didn’t have the decency to push that lever down. Nobody wants to see your excrement. What’s worse, ladies, when it’s that time of the month, you are expected to flush!

Now I’ve seen some pretty bad things throughout my life, but nothing disgusts me more than when I have to see what you people don’t flush down the drain. In my school, I never use the girls bathroom by the art room or the one by the boys locker room because I know what to expect. It doesn’t take much, all you have to do is take about two seconds out of your busy day and push down that lever. In case you didn’t know, that lever has a purpose! It’s not attached to the toilet for decoration! Every time I encounter a disgusting toilet bowl, I just ask myself why. Why don’t people flush? Just the fact that they didn’t flush leads me to assume that they didn’t even wash their hands or what’s worse, wipe!

To be scientific, since they didn’t wash their germs and bacteria away, everything they touch will be contaminated! Decent, innocent people will get sick if they come in contact with these contaminated areas. All of this can easily be avoided if you aren’t lazy. It should only take a person about three minutes to wipe, flush, and wash their hands. Those three minutes matter! So make it happen, because I am done seeing people’s waste matter. The only waste I should be seeing is my own, and I am not a hypocrite! I flush the toilet every time I’m done using it, and you should too!