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My Top Six Favorite Conspiracy Theories

Ashley Estabrook

December 7, 2017

Disclaimer: This piece is not meant to bring harm to any group, company, country or individual. It's not necessarily representative of my beliefs nor are any of these the...

Should Immigrant Criminals be Deported?

Christian Lopez

November 2, 2017

President Donald Trump seems to have a problem with non-Americans. As you may know, Trump has decided to build a wall on the south border. He is deporting immigrants to t...

Hate Crimes

MacKenzie Hurd

June 8, 2017

History repeating itself is a controversial part of everyday life, and what is repeating itself today is hate crimes. In the world today, hate crimes are on the rise. Mo...

 LGBT Rights and State Laws

 LGBT Rights and State Laws

June 7, 2017

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Abortion Should Continue To Be Legal

Ashley Estabrook

June 2, 2017

In this photo, you see our President, Mr. Donald J. Trump, surrounded by fellow men, signing an executive order. This executive order just happens to be one that will aff...

Abortion Should be Legal

Rylea Comstock

June 2, 2017

  In the U.S abortion has been an ongoing debate.  People who support “pro-life” believe that women shouldn’t have the ability to abort a human life, since th...

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Police in Schools Would Prevent Violence

Kayleigh Blocho

June 7, 2017

Acts of violence in schools can range from a single brawl between two students, to an angry student threatening and attacking a teacher, to an adult intruder on school gro...

Torture Should be Used in the War on Terror

Tyler Gustason

June 7, 2017

Torture…. It’s been around since the dark ages: it was used to instill fear, it was a punishment, and it was a way to get information. Kings, Cults, Armies, CIA, KGB,...

Preventative Policing: Has it Gone Too Far?

Tim Merriam

June 2, 2017

For centuries, individuals and governments have suffered the effects of terrorist attacks of different severity. Some attacks are carried by unhappy individuals who feel th...

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Teachers Should Carry Guns

Alex Hull

June 7, 2017

Gun control is getting to be an issue.  There are so many new laws: how is a gun collector supposed to remember them all? Yes, gun control is there for the people's safet...

Gun Control, Should it be Tightened or Loosened?

Nate Hill

June 2, 2017

According to  The Washington Times article, “Gun Crime Gallery,” “in 2013, a shooter opened fire at Prince Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia. However, after wounding o...

No More Restrictions to 2nd Amendment

Rylea Comstock

June 2, 2017

For years the US has had an ongoing debate: whether there should more restrictions on the ownership of guns.  Granted, there has been an increase in school shootings, but the ki...

  • The Right to Bear Arms June 2, 2017
  • The Second Amendment June 2, 2017

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Girls Soccer

Dan Geyer

October 20, 2017

The Belfast Lady Bulldogs began Homecoming with a 3-0 win over the Scio Tigers on October 3rd. Morgan Hamer, Megan Rose and Hanah Helms each scored, and Hamer had six saves...

Youth Sports Should be a Choice

Mack Cox

June 7, 2017

Children should not be forced to play organized sports at a young age. Children become tired of playing by the time that they reach their teenage years.  Some kids are ...

Why is Poaching Wrong?

Keith Weaver

June 5, 2017

The sport of hunting is one that is enjoyed by many but it is also abused by some. Some people hunt for the pleasure of killing, or the trophy, and that is it. This act is...

Athletes and Sexual Orientation

June 2, 2017

In today's world, homosexuals playing professional sports is a huge controversy. People don't want to come out when playing sports because they are embarrassed. Or they a...

Compensation for College Athletes

June 2, 2017

College sports is a huge business. The two biggest businesses, of course, are college basketball and football. Big programs like the University of North Carolina and the Unive...

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Milk Prices

Corey Brown
June 7, 2017

Milk prices fluctuate more than most people could ever believe. One day they are at $22.85 and the next check,t it goes down to $20.00, and then after the first drop, they drop another dollar or two. Farming is a very expensive gamble. We spend more money on farming than people make in ten years. When you have a company that makes $1.5 million a year, $1.35 million of that goes right back into the f...

Offshore Drilling

Matthew Borden
June 2, 2017

Offshore drilling is one of the most debated topics in the nation today. Offshore drilling is is a mechanical process where a wellbore is drilled below the seabed, It is carried out in order to explore and extract oil, which lies in rock formations beneath the seabed. These oil platforms can usually be seen from the coast and are only a few miles out, and they use drills to dig for oil and extract t...

Growing Popularity of Eastern Medicine in The West

Noah Bentley
June 7, 2017

For the last 2500 years, Eastern Medicine has been practiced freely throughout Asia and a other countries. According to the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, they have stated;“as of 2012, nearly 40% of Americans use Eastern medicines or therap...

Junk Food

Julia Lindo
June 2, 2017

The people who indulge in junk food are supporting a problem that affects many countries worldwide. This problem is obesity. Moreover, attempting to abolish it will utterly fail due to the fact that eliminating it may harm school funding and junk food is still available. Nevertheless, I argue that junk...

Safer is Not Safe

Zach Bradshaw
June 2, 2017

E- Cigarettes have been used more in the past few years now. Some people say they are more dangerous and deadly than actual cigarettes. Mold in the lungs is the main defense heard from cigarette smokers. E Cigs have been around since about 2003, but recently, the E Cig market has exploded and tons of...

Celebrity Culture Influences Narcissism

Gabriel Lindo
June 2, 2017

Everyone dreams about life as a celebrity, and of how that lifestyle has so much to offer -- fame, fortune, and friends in high places. Keep dreaming! Celebrity culture isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. “They have fame, but their every move is scrutinized. They have great fortune, but they can tru...

Cost of Healthcare in America

Mike Van Buskirk
June 2, 2017

Today, many Americans rely on the health care system to make it easier to pay for wellness visits and routine check ups. However, the rising premium costs are forcing people to avoid enrollment in health care insurance and avoid necessary treatment. It brings us to wonder, is having health insurance too ...

Junk Food Discrepancy

Megan Rose
June 2, 2017

“Junk food” is a universal term that reaches the ears of everyone in the entire world. Its effects are obesity, diabetes and many other health risks. Junk food kills people and puts others at serious risk. If it poses so many problems, why do we continue to make and distribute processed and health...

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