Safer is Not Safe

Zach Bradshaw

E- Cigarettes have been used more in the past few years now. Some people say they are more dangerous and deadly than actual cigarettes. Mold in the lungs is the main defense heard from cigarette smokers. E Cigs have been around since about 2003, but recently, the E Cig market has exploded and tons of people have changed their traditional smoking to vaping. There are a lot of safety dangers from vaping, exploding batteries. Many accidents have been reported where the E Cig battery has exploded and caused severe injuries to the users. There are many reasons  why vaping is not a better alternative to smoking.

Vaping uses an electric battery that heats up coils. As the coils heat up, they start to evaporate the E juice. The E juice is flavored liquid that can sometimes contain nicotine. The nicotine is what people look for, though, when transferring from cigarettes to vaping. How does this seem remotely healthy? Inhaling mist into your lungs. IT probably feels like drowning slowly. Even though E Cigs are “smoke free,” they do contain chemicals that damage the lungs. It’s hard to tell what the real health effects are from vaping because this epidemic has just begun.

In addition to health concerns, many people have been reported to have had serious injuries from when their battery in their vape exploded while they were using it. This has been the major concern  that people have from switching to vaping. “Last week, an 18-year-old bartender in North Yorkshire, England, was serving drinks when a colleague’s electronic cigarette exploded, setting the bartender’s dress on fire” (Liebelson et al). These accidents don’t happen every time, but they do happen. So, some people just take the chance of having a faulty battery. The odds of your vape exploding are slim, but is it worth the chance?

Most people who have switched to vaping have said they feel a lot better than they did while smoking normal cigarettes. This may be true, but maybe they just can’t feel the affects like original cigarettes. Anything that is changed in your daily life could potentially make you feel different. Vaping may make you feel “better,” but the chemicals are still there and are still affecting your body whether or not you feel it. “Safer does not mean safe. Less dangerous does not mean not dangerous,” As stated from the article “E-cigarettes Are Far From Harmless.”

In all, just because it is safer than cigarettes it doesn’t mean that you’re not being harmed by the chemicals that are still in vaping. Vaping is a good way to start quitting, but people need to realize that vaping is not completely safe, only safer than traditional cigarettes.     

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