Mrs. LaGreca: New Science Teacher


Mrs. LaGreca at Dunnottar Castle in Scotland.

Samantha Burgio

Mrs. LaGreca is Belfast’s new science teacher. Before coming to Belfast, Mrs. LaGreca has had some interesting experiences. Originally a resident of Lockport, NY, she studied at the University of Buffalo. She then joined a Study Abroad program held in Hawaii. Later, she and her husband moved to Houston, Texas where she stayed for five years.  They then moved to Olean, closer to her hometown, with her husband and baby girl, Lily, who is now 7 months old.

Prior to becoming the new science teacher in Belfast, Mrs. LaGreca taught a renewable and nonrenewable energies class. Additionally, she taught cheerleading for three years and chaperoned the Wilderness Club in Lockport. She also worked at the Society of Petroleum and Engineers, which allowed her to travel the world,  and was a Science Educator at the Children’s Museum in Houston.

In her free time, Mrs. LaGreca enjoys golfing, crafting, and, most importantly, spending time with her family. “Family is the main reason I moved back,” she said. Speaking of family, she says that her mother, also a teacher, has been her inspiration. Throughout her childhood, she saw how much of an impact her mother had on her students and she knew that teaching was what she wanted to do. She says that a student’s progress throughout the year is what motivates her year after year. “ I enjoy the feeling of reaching out to a student, showing them that they do have potential and that if they try, they may find science enjoyable,” she added. Welcome to Mrs. LaGreca, and best of luck here at BCS!