Coding Class

Coding Class

Gabriel Lindo

Coding is a new addition to BCS and is taught by Mr.Enlow, the new math teacher. He enjoys teaching it, stating it is “very fun and interesting,” and I completely agree. I love trying new things, and I’m glad I gave this class a try.

So what is coding? All you need for the class is a computer and a brain. Coding is a system of signals used to represent letters or numbers for transmitting messages. It’s all about communication: how we can command a computer to do something by using a keyboard. This sounds simple, but it’s really not. Writing code tells the computer what to do. Coding consists of many languages, each translated automatically by the computer so it can understand. We ask computers questions all the time on Google. Computers and humans don’t speak the same language. And that’s what coding revolves around: understanding how technology works so we can all function in an advanced world. Computer software, websites, apps, etc, are all made with code. Learning coding has many benefits. You’ll have the knowledge to handcraft your very own websites, start a technology business, and even become a career coder!

Every day, students who take coding go to the computer lab and conduct various projects on a computer to study different coding languages. Mr. Enlow has us use the website, which teaches coding through games.  It employs CoffeeScript, which is an easier version of JavaScript, a widely used language for coding. Anyone fascinated by computers should check out that site, it’s extremely helpful and useful.

Coding can be for the most basic amateur as well as geeks and nerds. It’s a class where computers are the teachers and Mr. Enlow is the translator. This class isn’t a study hall, so if you plan on taking it in the future, don’t expect to be doing your own thing or going on photo booth when Mr. Enlow isn’t looking. Expect to be playing Code Monkey or doing coding-related projects. This class will be graded on the various coding projects done in class. Overall, the class is pretty laid back and so is the teacher, as long as you do what you’re supposed to be doing, which isn’t playing cool math games or chess!