Simplicity is Bliss

Simplicity is Bliss

Ashley Estabrook

Quick question for you

Do you know the difference between 10 and 104?

You’d say yes; 94

But I say, the 10

It means much more

All of our faces

Stuffed in our phones

The screens all that we’re seeing

Laziest of beings

Getting 104 handed right to us

Social anxiety belittling and crippling us

Not having the courage for a real conversation


Let’s take a trip

Back to 30-40 years ago

When the order of the day was not mass-production, and

You actually watched it live, and not through your phone, and

Not growing up just as fast as you could, and

Most moms and most dads

They tried to make it work

Unlike how we now give up

Never shut up

Always like to whine and complain


1/104, what does it mean?

It means 15 pairs of sneakers

20 blouses

5 different bottles of shampoo

10 tv channels, just for those political preachers

Spilling the propaganda of the left and right houses

A smartphone and 21 needless apps too

9 tubes of mascara, because one would just never do

And 24 unnamed toys

Would you really even notice if one of them was gone?

Of course not


But imagine if you had

1 week’s worth clothes

2 action figures

1 baseball with a bat

And 1 tube tv with 3 channels for your shows

Instead of pizza on the couch every night with your fingers

You had 1 dining table, where more than once a year, your family eats

1 phone, connected by a cord, on the wall

You’d talk on it, for maybe twenty minutes, to people who mattered

Instead of wasting your time, sending “streaks” to all

Or whining on social media, acting like you’re shattered

Yeah, we all agree, 10 is far less than 104

But, understand that less is more


Now stop, take a minute

Think about what you’ve got

And how much of it you could give

To someone who does not

So, have you thought of some things

That you wouldn’t miss

Good job

Now, keep in mind