Christmas Concert


Gabriel Lindo

On December 19, Belfast Central School hosted a Christmas Concert. This concert was led by Mr. Struckmann, the choir instructor, and Mr. Snyder, the band instructor. There were performances by the 7th and 8th grade Choir, the Freshman Quartet, Select Choir, Men’s Choir, High school Choir, Women’s choir, SWE, and Jazz band.

Students involved in these put forth a lot of effort and were able to pull it off. The 7/8 grade Choir performed two pieces: one by Paul Johnson called, “Christmas is the Best Time of the Year,” and the other by Dave and Jean Perry called, “Glory Hallelu.” The Freshman Quartet performed, “I Wonder as I Wander,” by Carl Schalk. Select Choir performed “Deck the Halls,” which is a traditional English Carol. The Men’s Choir performed “Blue Christmas,” by Billy Hayes and Jay Johnson. High school Choir performed two pieces: one by Gustav Holst called “Lullay Myn Liking,” and the other by Katherine K. Davis called, “Carol of the Drum” –my personal favorite. I favored that piece because the solos blew me away. Aidan Heaney, Kylie Francis, Emma Sullivan, and Roseanna Lanning all had solos, and they all sounded amazing. I was very impressed with each of their voices. The Women’s Choir performed “Winter Wonderland,” by Felix Bernard.

SWE prepared four songs: “El Toro Rojo Grande,” “From Ancient Times,” “The Green Blade,” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” My favorite piece performed by SWE was “El Toro Grande,” because of Noah Bentley and Elisa Houser. They both had trumpet solos and they sounded like professionals. I honestly wouldn’t have noticed if they made mistakes (although they didn’t) because everything they played sounded like it belonged. Jazz Ensemble played three songs: “Groovin’ Hard,” “This Guy’s in Love With You,” and “Big Band Holiday.”

Next, the audience was in for a treat: Mr. Struckmann combined all choirs and invited teachers and past graduates of BCS to sing “Carol of the Bells,” by Peter Wilousky and Mykola Leontovich. It was very powerful piece. It’s safe to say that it was probably the most entertaining piece, considering how many people participated.

I participated in Select Choir, Women’s Choir, SWE, and Jazz Band. I played the flute for SWE and the trumpet for Jazz Band. I was an alto for both Select Choir and Women’s Choir. This was my last Christmas concert because I’m a senior. I was pleased with it and I’m glad that it ended on a good note (literally). It was Ethan Blocho and Roseanna Lanning’s last Christmas concert as well. Three seniors (myself included) performed in this concert, and we wish we had more Christmas concerts to look forward to. Our last Spring concert is months away, and we hope it’ll turn out as well as or better than the Christmas concert. Overall, the concert went extremely well!

The concert can be heard on the school’s livestream page at: