2017, Back to the Odyssey. Chapter 5: The Kiss

KcKayla Cross

Chapters 1 -4 of this novel were published in previous editions of The Beacon.

Steve stared at Bill as he kept crying. Then he sprung into action.

“Bill, I am so sorry, I didn’t know…” Steve said.

“How could you know, you were dead when that happened. Now you are here, and she hates me. She said that she hopes that I die, and join my ‘precious Steve’ in heaven.” Bill explained through a covered face.

“‘Precious Steve’? Bill, are you, do you…?” Steve began to ask.

Bill face palmed.

“Oooohhh goooddd…. Whhhyyy did I saaayy that?” Bill asked himself.

“Do you like me that way?” Steve asked.

“NO! Well… maybe…” Bill muttered.

Steve smiled, got up onto his feet, and approached Bill.

“W-Wha-?” Bill asked before being cut off.

Steve gave him a kiss, a small one, but a kiss.

Bill blushed because they were right outside the main door.

I heard everything, and saw the kiss. I smiled when they kissed.

Steve saw me after the kiss, and he blushed hard. He knew that I saw him kiss Bill, and he knew that he couldn’t deny it. I even took a picture of it.

Bill and Steve walked into the main room.

Me and Curie then thought about how we could fix Steve.

“We should stitch him up.” Marie suggested.

“But Marie, we don’t have any anesthesia, or any numbing medicine, for that matter. It would hurt Steve a lot,” I explained to her. I knew she wasn’t from our time, and she didn’t understand, but I still told her that.

“Hmm…” Bill Nye thought. “I think I have some in my bag, just in case we needed it.” He continued.

After rummaging through his bag, he finally pulled out a needle, and a small bottle of numbing medicine.

“Ta da! My numbing medicine of science!” he said with a smile.