What I’m Gonna Miss

Gabriel Lindo

I’m gonna miss school

The times I’d go to bed at midnight

And have to wake up at 6:00 am

I’m gonna miss my bus

The one that provided no heat during winter

With windows that wouldn’t roll up

I’m gonna miss my teachers

The ones who gave me tons of homework

And essays that had to have 500 words

I’m gonna miss my classmates

The ones who actually talked to me

And noticed the rare days I was absent

I’m gonna miss lunch

The meals that gave me stomach aches

And had hair as a secret ingredient

I’m gonna miss study hall

The period that allowed me to goof off

And roam the halls instead of using the bathroom

I’m gonna miss my classes

The ones I was consistently late for

And was able to use the desk as a pillow

I’m gonna miss my locker

The one that wouldn’t open till the third try

And didn’t have enough room to fit all my stuff

I’m gonna miss the playground

The place I couldn’t set foot on during school

But could watch vicariously as the younger kids did

I’m gonna miss the field trips

The ones they swore to be educational and fun

But turned out to be boring and pointless

I’m gonna miss all these things

I’ll definitely be back to visit