Thinking of the Stars


Julia Lindo

What if our futures were inscribed in the stars?

What if our future was fate and we did not have control?

If stars formed a direct path for success or failure

And life or death

How would you live your life?

Would you live it to the fullest?

Taking risks and doing everything fast…perhaps too fast?

Would you do this because you are losing time every time the sun rises and sets?

Would you cherish each day as it approached?

Slowly gathering all the memories that you could before the sun rises and sets for the last time?

Would you make any of these decisions based on the amount of time that you were gifted?

Would the timespan of 30, 60, or 100 years dictate the biggest decision of your life?



I would take each day slowly.

Cherishing all of the memories of my family and friends.

Knowing that the view that I see just before I am laid to rest in the soft dirt of the earth,

Will be the magnificent scenery that I would see in the life thereafter.