Rose Takes the Win with “Molcole Phelps”

Samantha Burgio

As many know, the Mole contest is a traditional component of Open House which was on March 2nd. The Mole contest was held in Mrs. Flanagan’s room. She states that everyone got plenty of votes and that this was a very successful year for the Moles. A mole in chemistry is a unit that measures the amount of a substance.  Other units include molecules,  atoms,  grams,  and liters.

The Moles that were in the competition this year were Molepoly, Moley Moley Mole, Molan, Moleball Sub, Molecole Phelps, Moleof, Ramole Noodles,  and Carmole Anderson.  Ultimately,  Megan Rose took first place with Molecole Phelps.

The fact that Michael Phelps is very well known around the world inspired Megan. “It seemed like he would appeal more to people,” she said. Although every student who made a Mole received two extra points, Megan was very thankful to have gotten two extra added on for winning. She says that the best thing about creating “Molecole Phelps” was that she was able to incorporate her Chemistry skills. The swimming pool that the Mole was diving into was made of blue slime, a recent lab that we did.  Megan spent approximately five hours on perfecting her diorama. Some other ideas that she had before settling on “Molecole Phelps” were: Holy Guacamoley and “Cash Mole Ousside, How bout dah,” a phrase by a young girl who is best known for humorous appearance on Dr. Phil. Even though Megan put a lot of work into her project, she says that she didn’t expect to win. When asked for her response to her win at Open House, she said: “I was mostly surprised, but of course thankful for the two extra average points.” Great job, Megan and all participants!