Get a Grip on Your Phone

Kayleigh Blocho

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Most of us have had that moment:the moment where you’re laying on your back in bed, holding a phone above you (scrolling through Instagram, playing a game, taking a selfie) and *whomp* — it lands right on your face. You are lucky that it didn’t give you a black eye or break your nose from the tragic impact. Not only does this hurt and startle you, but it’s also one of those moments where you ask yourself, “Wow did I really just do that?” Of course you will laugh it off, but there is actually a product that will save you from the embarrassment.

The pop-socket is an “expanding piece of magic” ( that ensures a more secure and comfortable grip on your phone. The pop-socket sticks to the back of your phone with an adhesive layer. It is a flat circular plastic surface that “pops” out into a knob like handle. This is great for texting, snapping high quality photos, taking stable one-handed selfies, and playing games. The pop-socket makes it almost impossible to drop your phone, no matter what it is you’re doing. Accident prone people (like me) should find this pretty useful.

The secure grip is definitely the main benefit to this product but, there are a few more benefits that most people might overlook. It can serve as a stand for your phone, which is great for watching YouTube or Netflix. The use of two pop-sockets on one phone can enable you to keep your earbuds untangled by wrapping them around the popsockets. You can also use a pop-socket to clip your phone onto a laptop or any other edge that isn’t too wide. There is a corresponding product called the pop-clip that allows for mounting a phone onto the dashboard in a car or any other vertical surface. The use of a pop-socket will also transform a large phone like the Iphone 7 Plus into a one handed device. Usually, when using a big phone like this, you have to use two hands to text. The pop-socket allows your thumb to move around to the front of your phone, where it is supposed to be, making it easier to text one-handed.

The average user for this product is a teenager. It is no secret that teenagers are almost always using their phones for different things throughout the day. Because the average user is a teenager, it is a good thing that the product is reasonably priced. The price for a pop-socket ranges from ten to fifteen dollars on their website and at Walmart. You can find them cheaper on Amazon or Ebay as well. There are also some alternatives to the pop-socket. You can find knock-off brands on Amazon, Ebay, and other stores.

One of the pros to the pop-socket is that it comes in hundreds of different designs. You can even customize one to make it your own. Another benefit is that the pop-socket can be moved anywhere, anytime. The sticky side is even washable. Washing this side will even make the product stick to surfaces better one you get rid of the dirt build-up.

A negative to this product is that it adds a little bulk to the back of your phone. Some people may not find that very suitable. The pop-socket also does not add any other kind of additional protection if you were to drop your phone. However, it is possible to stick the pop-socket to a case as long as it isn’t silicone or have a bumpy surface.

BCS freshman Shannon Durigan finds her pop socket to be useful. She says “The pop-socket helps me to take better photos by making my hand steadier and it also helps me hold my phone better so I don’t drop it as easily. I also like that I can use it as a stand to watch videos.” When I asked her about the price, she responded, “Yeah I think the price is ok. I mean, it could be a little cheaper at $5-8 but, around $10 is alright.”

Personally, I find the pop-socket very beneficial. I hardly ever drop my phone when I use it, the grip on my phone is a lot more comfortable, and it is just easier to use my phone one-handed with the pop socket. The price is very reasonable and I like that there are so many different designs for the product. My favorite thing about the pop-socket is that it can be used for many different purposes.