The Meaning of Life


Ashley Estabrook

What is the meaning of life? Everybody has a different answer based on their life experiences and what has influenced them. As a way to close out the year with something to make you think over the summer, I asked teenagers what the meaning of life is to them. These are their responses.

  • Happiness.  –Dominik Becker, 19
  • Just being here and trying to be the best you can be.  –Nate Hurd, 16 Dog Lover, Hunter, Outdoorsman, Novelist
  • Life is precious. Life is an opportunity to make memories and fall in love with your person.  –Kiley, 17 Lover of Music, Cats and her Mother. Poet whose muse is her Girlfriend
  • To be happy and to make others happy. Also to define yourself and change the world around you.  –Matt Stevens, 17, Someone who appreciates the important things like Food, Friends, Dogs, and Cute Girls (In That Order). Is also a Professional Party Man as well as an Amateur Musician
  • The meaning of life is to live your life to the fullest and to be who you were meant to be.. If you have something to contribute to the greater good, you should.. I think everyone has a purpose on Earth, or else they wouldn’t be here. Everyone is part of this infinite cycle of possibilities.. And I think everyone has their own “meaning of life” it can be anything anyone wants it to be.  –Kayleigh Blocho, 16 A kind person who tries to see the best in everyone. Someone who is a goofy sweetheart, but who will also stand her ground. Poet and Athlete
  • In my meaning of life, there is no definition. Everyone has their own opinion. It’s never the same and it’s unique for all of us. We are all waiting to be discovered at some point. We are all waiting to get what we want. But you just have got to learn to let go in life.  –Anna Drozdowski, 12 Dog Lover, Master Organizer, Drama Avoider, Singer, Fun Lover, “A Bunch of Other Stuff”

All the responses are beautiful and deeply profound. These teens come from varied backgrounds and have different life experiences. It is amazing to see what life means to each of these people.