BCS Welcomes Mr. Olsen


Aidan Heaney

The BCS Music Department is proud to welcome Christopher Olsen to our staff! Mr. Olsen was born in Georgia and lived in Michigan before he attended Houghton College. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education with a Voice Emphasis and a Master’s degree in Choral Conducting, both from Houghton. He has taught in schools across New York and, most recently, Ohio, ranging in size and shape.

When I asked him what excited him about returning to the Western New York, he said that he is happy to be back in an area he is familiar with, stating that “The experience I had at Houghton has prepared me for this time in my life!” He also says that “being in close proximity to good pizza and wings is a real perk. You don’t really find that in other states.” Clearly, our new music teacher has good taste when it comes to cuisine.

Mr. Olsen told me that he believes the three most important aspects of music education are “Excellence, Relationships, and Respect.” He describes seeing kids who have been “written off by the system” find success and leadership opportunities through music and art. He says that “The most fun thing in the world is to be good at something. Like, really good. So that’s what’s most important to me. Helping students become good enough to have fun.” Here’s to all of the opportunities Mr. Olsen will have to help students to grow and achieve greatness here at BCS!