Fitness Room Upgraded

Fitness Room Upgraded

Julia Lindo

This year, Belfast Central School renovated the current weight room. What was the old weight room is now the superintendents office, and what was the elementary computer lab is now the current weight room. In addition, new and updated equipment were added, which includes a bench press, dumbbells, Expresso Exercise bikes, PRECOR treadmills, a leg press, core bags, medicine balls, PRECOR pull down/seated row, and a PRECOR FTS glide. Some equipment from previous years remains.

To complete this goal, BCS utilized project and budget money leftover in their account. Student and staff are using this room almost daily; moreover, Senior Noah Bentley commented, “It’s is an amazing weight room compared to what it used to look like. All of the updated equipment is awesome.”

Although the equipment seems fairly easy to use, there are rules and regulations that all students and staff are required to abide by. These rules include: you must sign in before using equipment, there must be at least two people in the room — with at least one being 18 or older, and a spotter must be in close vicinity when using certain equipment, such as the bench press. Furthermore, students are asked to have clean hands and shoes before using equipment. In addition, they are required to clean the equipment after use.

In the future, superintendent, Dr. Wendy Butler intends to add additional resources in the weight room, including a reliable water system, storage units, upgraded ellipticals, and individual keys for those 18 and older.