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Students Trained in Sources of Strength

Students Trained in Sources of Strength

Danielle Cassady and Cassandra Hadaway

December 7, 2017

When you hear “Sources of Strength,” what questions do you ask yourself? Sources of Strength is a youth suicide prevention program designed to utilize the power of peer to peer social networks. The goal of Sources of Strength is to prevent suicide and harmful choices by increasing help seeking beha...

Sources of Strength Meetings

Sources of Strength Meetings

October 19, 2017

Sources of Strength Meetings for Grades 8 to 12 Students interested in joining Sources of Strength are invited to the meetings (in Mrs. Preston's room) below. Thursday Oct. 26 during advisement Pictures on Nov. 1   Time and location to be announced Wednesday Nov. 8 during advisement Wednesday...

Ask Sources of Strength

Ashley Estabrook

March 17, 2017

Dear SOS,     I have been struggling with depression ever since I went through a bad break up with my boyfriend a few months ago. My grades have gone down, I'm losing friends, and I just don't feel the motivation to even get out of bed. I mean, would anybody even miss me if I was gone?  ~Anony...

My Sources of Strength

My Sources of Strength

Julia Lindo

March 6, 2017

Everyone knows that in school it can be hard to get by, especially when everywhere you turn, there’s a test, homework, Regents exam, or even a specific class that brings you down because you simply can’t understand it. And that’s just what I relied a source of strength for, to learn how to overcome t...

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